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Our client is a major company specialized in animal health services, import, formulation, development and sales of premixes, additives and ingredients essential for animal nutrition. it is a major subsidiary of one of the leading European Groups of Companies in Nigeria and operates currently from Abuja and Ogun State.

In line with the Group’s strategic business growth plan, it’s subsidiary needs the following core professionals to grow with its team in Abuja:

  1. Head of Logistics In-Land (HLIL)
  2. Transport and Fleet Manager (TFM)
  3. Warehouse keeper
  4. Accounter & Human Resources Assistant
  5. Sales administrative Officer

Head of Logistics In-Land (HLIL)

Main Responsibilities:
  1. Management of domestic logistics activities
  2. Logistics teams’ Management
  3. Logistics Strategy
  4. Logistics Performance Management

Transport and Fleet Manager (TFM)

Main Responsibilities:
  1. Transport activities management
  2. Management of transport providers and Feed Avenue’s delivery drivers
  3. Transport Strategy
  4. Transport Performance Management
  5. Fleet management

Warehouse keeper

Main Responsibilities:
  1. Organize, manage and control incoming products flows from the docks or another
    warehouse) and out coming products flows (to customer delivery or to another
  2. Manage, pilot and facilitate the management of stocks in the warehouse
  3. Ensure with the support of the Salesmen control and report the warehouse activity

Accounter & Human Resources Assistant

Main Responsibilities:
  1. Accounting
  2. Payroll accounting and staff administration
  3. Accounting and financial reporting

Sales administrative Officer

Main Responsibilities:
  1. Sales and Salesmen administration, assistance and support
  2. Sales assistance and management on ERP-Odoo
Consequently, we encourage qualified individuals who are interested in advancing their careers in a healthy and productive work environment to check details of these positions on https://factbaseconsult.com/vacancies and send their CVs to: factbaseconsulting@gmail.com before April 25 , 2022.

Use the job title as subject of your application e-mail.

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