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Basic Microsoft Excel Course

Learning Outcomes

Participants will be able to:

  • Navigate the Microsoft Excel interface effortlessly
  • Get more out of Excel to make the best use of the software for their day-day activities.
  • Key-in, manipulate and prepare reports easily.


  • Module 1: Getting Started with Excel
  • Module 2: Managing Rows & Columns
  • Module 3: Managing Worksheets
  • Module 4: Formatting the Cell
  • Module 5: Working with Formulas and Functions
  • Module 6: Organizing Worksheet and Table Data
  • Module 7: Working with Chart
  • Module 8: Working with Graphics
  • Module 9: Managing Large Workbook
  • Module 10: Customizing & Enhancing Workbooks

Target Audience

This program is highly recommended for those who want to understand the basic concepts of spreadsheets and want to demonstrate the ability to expertly use Microsoft Excel for keying in, manipulating and reporting data easily.

  • Sales Managers/Officers
  • Credit Controllers
  • Accountants
  • Accounts Receivable Officers
  • HR Staff,e.t.c


September 16-17, 2016 / 2 days


N 50,000.00 per participant


We will use our AIICO Academy venue at Oba Akan, Ikeja.


All our faculty members are core professionals with relevant industry experience.

Further Information

Please call Mr Sam Akinsulere on 08022246813 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)  for further information


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Improving and maintaining good behaviours and attitudes to driving are not only important to enhancing the safety of our roads, but equally critical to maintaining the safety and well-being of your staff, valuable assets and indeed your very good self!

Please find below the details of our workshop, "Modern Defensive Driving, Security, Health and Career Skills for Corporate Drivers", designed for drivers in Corporate Organisations.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this training event, the participants will be able to :

  • explain the importance of positive mental attitude in enhancing their driving career;
  • explain how to:
    • control their anger and attitude
    • avoid health dangers
    • avoid debt trap
  • spot and avoid dangers through modern defensive driving techniques;
  • demonstrate how to maintain their vehicles;
  • describe how to avoid accidents;
  • describe the implications of reckless driving;
  • explain various road signs, traffic laws, their rights and obligations;
  • explain the importance of honesty, dressing manner and home front management.
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    Support services staff are critical to the effective functioning of organisations.

    They ensure that the operational wheel is well oiled and that the corporate environment is conducive and fit for purpose. This 2-day programme is designed to give your corporate services staff the skills and tonic required for improved professional support and positive attitude to achieve superior results.


    • Your Career and Services in Relation to Organisation’s Vision, Mission, Core Values and Strategic Goals.
    • Modern Trends in Facilities Management and Corporate Services: Highlights and Their Implications
    • Excellent Customer Service: Key Issues
    • Effective Vendor/Supplier Management: Some Tips
    • Job Ownership[Work As If You Own It]
    • Essentials of Health, Safety and Environment(HSE) in the Workplace
    • Building a Result-Oriented Team in the Workplace

    Target Audience

    The course is designed for staffers of Insurance Companies, Banks, Estate Firms, Hotels, Manufacturing Companies, Mortgage Banks ,Telecom, Oil and Gas Companies in:

    • Human Resources
    • General Admininstration
    • Facilities and Property management staff
    • Staff relating with vendors and external contractors


    Date : June 10 - 11, 2016

    Fee: N48,500 per participant

    Download course nomination form here or contact us for enquiries.

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    Microsoft Excel

    Spreadsheets are key to the operations of most businesses. They are used to support many critical functions including finance, accounting, operations, risk management, product control, trading and regulatory reporting. Spreadsheets provide businesses with great flexibility.

    Experience has shown that the average user employs less than 10% of the capacity of Excel and that significant risks can be introduced into a company’s operations through an improper use of this wonderful application. Yet, many companies often assume that their employees have sufficient skills in Excel to be considered “Spreadsheet-safe”.

    The Course

    Advanced Excel Skills for Finance, Control and Operations takes participants through must-know skills for efficient information analysis and reporting using Microsoft Excel.

    The course does not dwell extensively on the rudiments as it assumes prior exposure to and familiarity with Excel.

    The aim is to vastly improve productivity and reduce risk in using spreadsheets.


    This programme will be delivered through practical and interactive case studies and worked examples, demonstrating how and why each technique is used. Emphasis is placed on delegates gaining practical, hands-on experience of the design and construction of financial models in Excel. Delegates will also benefit from formal lectures and group discussions. Comprehensive product notes and example spreadsheets will be provided for future reference.

    Participants, not more than 20 per class, are expected to come with their own laptops.

    What you will learn

    Introduction to the Excel User Interface

    Referencing – Getting Excel to find what you want

    • Relative references
    • Partial relative references,
    • Absolute references,
    • Named Ranges
    • Excel Tables

    Lookup Functions

    • Vlookup, Match, Index

    Data Validation

    · Restricting incorrect data entry Relative

    Text Functions

    · Using excel to clean up, edit or modify textual information


    Logical Functions and Conditional Formulas – making decisions with Excel

    • Using If, IF, OR, AND, NOT, TRUE, FALSE
    • Trapping worksheet errors with Information Functions
    • Nesting Arguments

    Financial Functions

    • NPV, PVT, IRR, Amortisation, Depreciation and others

    Useful Database, Mathematical and Statistical functions for data analysis and data summarization

    • SumIF, SumIFs, SumProduct, Count, CountA, CountIfs

    Techniques for working with dates

    Filters, Autofilters and Advanced Filter techniques

    Pivot Table Analysis

    Introduction to Presentation Techniques

    • Charts and Graphs
    • Conditional Formatting

    Next Class

    Date: May 11 - 12, 2017  Duration: 2  days       Fee: N58,000 per participant

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    Our training events are rich, intensely practical and delivered by seasoned and experienced facilitators. We have a rich portfolio of training programmes in soft skills,general management, sales and marketing, credit and risk management,  Microsoft Excel; and Performance Management.

    Please check details of available courses below and download nomination forms here.

    Below are our programmes for the Year 2016.


    1. Effective Selling Skills

    Learning Outcome

    Exceed sales targets consistently with positive attitude.


    • The Foundations of Effective Selling
      • How and why people buy
      • The psychology of selling
      • What are you selling?
    • The Sales Process
      • Prospecting for sale opportunities(needs)
      • Qualifying Prospects
      • Sales presentation
      • Overcoming objections
      • Closing sales
    • Sales Metrics(Targets)
    • Managing Sales Relationships
    • Indirect Selling Techniques

    Target Audience:  Business Development Officers, Marketing and Sales Executives, and Sales Representatives in: manufacturing, marketing, distribution, wholesale and pharmaceutical organizations.

    Duration: 2 days. Date:  May 6 – 7, 2016  Fee: N48, 000 per participant.

    1. Handling Rejections and Objections in the Sales Process

    Learning Outcomes

    Face the challenges of sales process with higher determination and attitude.


    • Essentials of the Sales Process
      • Stages in the sales process
    • Getting and Staying Enthusiastic
    • Handling Rejections
    • Handling Sales Objections
    • Closing Sales

    Target Audience

    Marketing/Business Development Officers and Sales Executives/Representatives who need to improve on handling rejections and objections, especially in manufacturing/marketing/distribution/wholesale organisations.

    Duration: 2 days.  Date: May 27 – 28 , 2016  Fee: N 48,000 per participant.

    1. Excellent Customer Service

    Learning Outcomes

    • Project positive attitude on the job;
    • Build better relationships with customers for better corporate image;
    • Communicate with customers for enhanced results.


    • Essentials Issues in Customer Service
    • Types of Service
    • Service Levels
    • Five Expectation Categories
    • Service and Process Outcome
    • Key Excellent Customer Service Issues
    • The basics
    • Effective communication
    • Relationship management
    • Face-to-face contacts
    • Managing e-customers
    • Self-service contacts
    • Handling “Difficult” Customers

    Target Audience: Front Desk Officers/Tellers, Customer Service Officers in Service and Manufacturing Industries.

    Duration:         2 days;  Date:    May 20 – 21, 2016     Fee: N48,000p/participant.

    1. Practical Selling Skills for Financial Services Providers

    Learning Outcomes

    • Exceeding performance targets consistently;
    • Building enduring relationships with the customers.


    • Marketing vs. Selling: The Big Picture
    • Essentials of the Sales Process
    • Identifying and Qualifying Prospect’s Needs
    • Making Result-Oriented Sales Presentation
    • Handling Rejections, Objections and Closing Techniques
    • Cross-Selling, Tele- marketing and Referrals
    • Enhance Your Career through Your Sales Metrics [Targets].

    Target Audience: Marketing, Operations, Credit/Loan and Business Development Officers of Banks, MFBs and Insurance Companies.

    Duration: 2 days. Date:   June 3 – 4, 2016 Fee: N48,000 per participant

    1. Excellent Support Services and Job Ownership

    Learning Outcomes

    • Attain higher level of commitment to professional support;
    • Work diligently as job owners; and
    • Increase productivity level.


    • Your Role and Services in Relation to Organisation’s Vision, Mission, Core Values and Strategic Goals.
    • Modern Trends in Facilities/Office Management and Corporate Services
    • Excellent Internal Customer Service: Key Issues
    • Effective Vendor/Supplier Management: Some Tips
    • Job Ownership[Work As If You Own It]
    • Essentials of Health, Safety and Environment(HSE) in the Workplace
    • Building a Result Oriented Team in the Workplace

    Target Audience:  HR/Admin/Facilities/Property/Vendor/Technical Support Staff/Offices/Supervisor in Insurance Companies, Banks, Estate Firms, Hotels, Mortgage Banks, Telecom, Oil and Gas Companies.

    Duration:  2 days. Date: June 10 – 11, 2016  Fee: N48, 000 per participant

    1. Advanced Excel for Finance, Control and Administrative Functions

    Learning Outcomes

    • Attain higher proficiency level on the job;
    • Achieve superior results.


    • Introduction to the Excel User Interface
    • Referencing: Getting Excel to find what you want
    • Lookup functions
    • Data Validation
    • Text Functions
    • Logical Functions and Conditional Formulas
    • Financial Formulas
    • Useful Database, Mathematical and Statistical Functions
    • Techniques for working with Dates
    • Filters, AutoFilters and Advanced Filter Techniques

    Target Audience: All Managers/Officers who need remarkable improvement in their finance, control or administrative functions in various organizations.

    Duration: 2  days     Date: June 17 – 18, 2016  Fee: N48,000 per participant

    1. Credit Management & Debt Collections for Manufacturing and Service Industries

    Learning Outcome

    Improve cash-flow for the organization.


    • Our Credit Sales Policy: How Effective?
    • Effective Collections (Recovery) Begins with the Sale
    • The Fine Art of Diligent Follow-up and the Psychology of Money
    • Credit Collections (Recovery) Management
    • Soft Debt Collection(SDC) Techniques
    • Credit Collections and Litigation Strategies

    Target Audience: All Officers involved in Credit Sales and Collections functions.

    Duration: 2 days.   Date: June 24 – 25, 2016    Fee: N48,000 p/participant

    1. Effective Supervisory Skills

    Learning Outcome

    Achieve superior results for the organization.


    • Basic Roles of an Effective Supervisor
    • Leading Others for Results
    • Problems-Solving and Decision-Making Skills: Essential Issues
    • Effective Delegation, Co-ordination, Control and Tips on Time Management
    • Effective Communication, Listening and Managing Feedback Skills.
    • Work Planning and Organisation
    • Job Ownership and Entrepreneurship Spirit
    • Building Productive Workplace Teams

    Target Audience :Team/Group Leaders and Middle Management staff with supervisory and leadership roles, especially in manufacturing industry.

    Duration: 2 days.  Date: July 8 – 9, 2016  Fee: N48,000 per participant

    1. Effective Negotiation Skills

    Learning Outcomes

    Achieve win-win results always.


    • Effective Presentation Skills
    • Managing Difficult People during Negotiation
    • Identifying Methods and Techniques of Applying Assertiveness Effectively in Negotiation
    • Characteristics of Successful Negotiator
    • Anticipating How to Deal with Rejection and Impasse during Negotiation Presentation
    • The Essential Skills of a Negotiator
    • Understanding Negotiation Process

    Target Audience: All Unit Leaders, HODs, Project/Credit Officers, Sales Reps, etc.

    Duration:    2 days. Date: July 15 – 16, 2015  Fee: N48,000 per participant.

    1. Enhancing Employee Engagement

    Learning Outcomes

    • Explain the essence of employee engagement in achieving outstanding results consistently;
    • Determine the real factors that inspire employees to give their best;
    • Formulate strategies to enhance employee commitment to excellence; and
    • Plan to act as change agents.


    • What “Employee Engagement” Really Means
    • Identifying the Key Drivers of Engagement in Your Business [Basic Employee Engagement Survey]
    • The Employee Disengagement Canyon
    • The Keys to Employee Engagement
    • Developing an Employee Engagement Strategy
    • Acting as Agents for Change
    • Sustaining a Focus on Employee Engagement

    Target Audience:  All HR , Line Managers and Unit Heads in various organisations.

    Duration: 2 days  .Date: July 22 – 23, 2016   Fee: N48,000 per participant

    1. Inspirational Leadership and Change Management

    Learning Outcomes

    • Create an inspiring vision;
    • Lead strategic change better
    • Build stronger trust and teamwork; and
    • Manage stakeholders’ interests better.


    • Creating a Shared Vision
    • Developing a guiding purpose
    • Embracing the importance of culture
    • Inspirational Leadership
    • Reinforcing confidence and trust
    • Developing a dynamic strategy
    • Bridging the gap between goals and results
    • Refining your leadership skills
    • Leading Change
    • Understanding the organizational culture and impact of change
    • Being positive agent of change
    • Gaining buy-in from key stakeholders
    • Communicating strategic change
    • Inspiring Others
    • Building confidence in those you lead
    • Mentoring and coaching others to greatness
    • Increasing productivity through people
    • Dealing with Conflict and Resistance to Change
    • Identifying and resolving conflicts
    • Eliminating barriers for effective communication

    Target Audience:   Managers, Unit/Team Leaders in both private and public sectors.

    Duration:  2 days.  Date:   August 26 – 27, 2016    Fee: N48,000p/participant.

    1. Key Customers Management Skills

    Learning Outcomes

    • Design customer-sensitive strategies to retain key accounts;
    • Build stronger and profitable customer relationships;
    • Achieve more with less stress.


    • Analysis: Definition, Purpose, Opportunity and Value
    • Essentials of Relationship Management
    • The Value Proposition
    • Customer Classification and Distinction
    • Designing and Implementing Key Customer Management Strategies

    Target Audience:  All Sales/Business Development/Marketing Executives and Relationship Managers

    Duration: 2 Days;   Date: Sept, 2 – 3, 2016   Fee:  N48,000 p/participant.

    1. Basic Credit Risk Management

    Learning Outcomes

    • Highlight the key issues in credit management in Nigeria;
    • Explain the fundamentals of risk assets management;
    • Explain the usefulness of the various types of securities for lending purposes;
    • Take prudent actions in ensuring full repayment.


    • Credit Risk Management: The Big Picture
    • Essentials of Credit Risk Management/Credit Policy
    • Loan Request Evaluation/Business Assessment
    • Credit Reportwriting/Approval/Documentation/Disbursement Issues
    • Loan Frauds: Prevention and Detection
    • Introduction to Securities for Lending
    • Loan Monitoring and Control Techniques
    • Loan Repayment, Renewal and Recovery

    Target Audience :Management Trainees , Credit Officers

    Duration: 5 days.   Date:    Sept 19 – 23, 2016    Fee:  N95,500 p/participant.

    1. Business Presentation Skills

    Learning Outcomes

    • Increase in ability to present authoritatively in various situations;
    • Acquire tools and techniques to make positive impression on the audience for favourable results.


    • Speak up, Speak Well, Speak Often
    • Finding Your “Magic Bullets”
    • Using Visual Aids Effectively
    • Involving the Audience
    • Combating Speech Anxiety
    • Making the Most of Non-Traditional Speaking Tools
    • Using Presentations to Build Professional Recognition

    Target Audience:  All Unit Heads/HODs and Officers and individuals who desire to enhance their careers.

    Duration: 2 days.  Date:  Oct 7 – 8, 2016    Fee:  N48, 000 p/participant.

    1. Effective Business Writing Skills

    Learning Outcomes

    • Increase in productivity
    • Reduction in supervisory costs


    • Grammar: Revision Notes on Some Challenging Areas.
    • Essentials of Effective Business Writing.
    • Business Letters: Key Issues and Illustrations.
    • Effective Memos Writing.
    • Business Proposals: Key Issues and Illustrations.
    • Business Report Writing: Key Issues and Illustrations.
    • Electronic Communication: E-mail and Netiquette.

    Target Audience: All Management Trainees/Officers/Executives who write letters, memos, reports, proposals and e-mails on the job in both private and public sectors.

    Duration: 3 Days;   Date:   Oct 20 – 22, 2016   Fee: N58,000 p/participant

    1. Modern Office Management and Administration

    Learning Outcomes

    Hands – on managerial skills to become almost indispensable PAs or Office Administrators


    • Understanding the typical responsibilities of office management or administrator.
    • Planning, forecasting, establishing objectives, setting targets.
    • Organizing: allocating resources, delegating, using time effectively. Creating a stimulating and productive work environment.
    • Managing records.
    • Successful meeting planning.
    • Project management skills.
    • Managing difficult people and resolving conflicts.
    • Problems related to change and overcoming barriers.
    • Effective oral reporting and listening skills.
    • Action plans to reduce causes and impact of pressures on executives.
    • Making yourself indispensable.

    Target Audience:  Office Managers, PAs to CEOs/Directors/DG, or Branch Office Administrators.

    Duration: 2 days.    Date:  Nov 4 – 5, 2016        Fee: N48, 000 p/participant.

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