Advanced Excel for Finance, Control and Administrative Functions

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Microsoft Excel

Spreadsheets are key to the operations of most businesses. They are used to support many critical functions including finance, accounting, operations, risk management, product control, trading and regulatory reporting. Spreadsheets provide businesses with great flexibility.

Experience has shown that the average user employs less than 10% of the capacity of Excel and that significant risks can be introduced into a company’s operations through an improper use of this wonderful application. Yet, many companies often assume that their employees have sufficient skills in Excel to be considered “Spreadsheet-safe”.

The Course

Advanced Excel Skills for Finance, Control and Operations takes participants through must-know skills for efficient information analysis and reporting using Microsoft Excel.

The course does not dwell extensively on the rudiments as it assumes prior exposure to and familiarity with Excel.

The aim is to vastly improve productivity and reduce risk in using spreadsheets.


This programme will be delivered through practical and interactive case studies and worked examples, demonstrating how and why each technique is used. Emphasis is placed on delegates gaining practical, hands-on experience of the design and construction of financial models in Excel. Delegates will also benefit from formal lectures and group discussions. Comprehensive product notes and example spreadsheets will be provided for future reference.

Participants, not more than 20 per class, are expected to come with their own laptops.

What you will learn

Introduction to the Excel User Interface

Referencing – Getting Excel to find what you want

  • Relative references
  • Partial relative references,
  • Absolute references,
  • Named Ranges
  • Excel Tables

Lookup Functions

  • Vlookup, Match, Index

Data Validation

· Restricting incorrect data entry Relative

Text Functions

· Using excel to clean up, edit or modify textual information


Logical Functions and Conditional Formulas – making decisions with Excel

  • Using If, IF, OR, AND, NOT, TRUE, FALSE
  • Trapping worksheet errors with Information Functions
  • Nesting Arguments

Financial Functions

  • NPV, PVT, IRR, Amortisation, Depreciation and others

Useful Database, Mathematical and Statistical functions for data analysis and data summarization

  • SumIF, SumIFs, SumProduct, Count, CountA, CountIfs

Techniques for working with dates

Filters, Autofilters and Advanced Filter techniques

Pivot Table Analysis

Introduction to Presentation Techniques

  • Charts and Graphs
  • Conditional Formatting

Next Class

Date: May 11 - 12, 2017  Duration: 2  days       Fee: N58,000 per participant

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